Some Stuff You Should Know About Cosmetic Tattoos


Through the long term, cosmetic tattoo strategies have increased a tremendous measure of consideration in the media. Nonetheless, you might be pondering, “what are the various kinds of cosmetic tattoos accessible?” Well, there are a few mainstream and viable cosmetic tattoos that you’re going to find out about today. Take a look at our rundown below: 


Cosmetic Lip Liner or Lipstick 

This is one of the most famous, kind of, cosmetic tattoo. Utilizing a natural-looking shade of pink, peach, or raspberry (contingent upon the common shade of your lips), the artist fills in the external edge of the lip line. This will typically take around 60 minutes. 

You can likewise complete a full lipstick tattoo. This can take as long as 3 hours and should be possible in any shade, including red. 


lip blush


Permanent lipstick or lip liner can make the lips look more full and all the more equally colored, and can likewise fix an unbalanced lip line. Thinking about the evolving trends, it is smarter to select a natural “my lips yet better” sort of color. 


Permanent Eyeliner 

Eyeliner tattoos sit inside, or over, the lash line to give the presence of more full lashes. The conventional tattoo is put directly over the lash line, leaving the impact of an unmistakable eyeliner line. The lash improvement sits inside the lash line for a more unobtrusive, common look. In case you’re not wearing cosmetics, a lash improvement will simply leave you appearing as though you have more full lashes. 


This is a must for individuals who consistently work out in mascara and will not venture out from home without their fluid eyeliner on. Permanent eyeliner lasts around 12 to 18 months. Eyeliner tattoos are an “ideal” treatment for additional lash definition. 



Microblading is a semi-permanent inking method where a blade is utilized to make super thin, hair-like strokes that emit the presence of Insta-worthy, filled-in brows. The needles scratch your skin and store color into the small wounds, which, indeed, sounds excruciating AF, yet shockingly isn’t. Most professionals apply a desensitizing cream in advance, which brings the pain down a few pegs. TBH, it sort of feels like getting your brows threaded while on your period. Not overly agreeable, however absolutely reasonable. 



Stop and think for a minute: Microblading unquestionably doesn’t last forever (therefore the semi-permanent thing). Since the cuts aren’t as profoundly placed as a genuine tattoo, your body winds up metabolizing it (which means, it’ll begin to blur eventually). That implies you can either let your perpetual cosmetics blur, or in the event that you need to keep your brows looking astounding for the long haul, you can return at regular intervals for touch-ups. 


All things considered, microblading keeps going somewhere in the range of one to two years. To keep them as fit as a fiddle, you’ll likewise need to avoid from getting your brows wet for one week post-application. 


Microblading doesn’t come cheap. In any case, in case you’re spending huge amounts of cash on brow items and stylers at any rate, it may be justified, despite all the trouble. 


Hair Line

Lastly, if you have brown or black hair, it’s not possible to fill in your hairline with a tattoo. While you may have seen this process performed on men, it’s also trending amongst women who are dissatisfied with their hairlines.


What’s your opinion about the cosmetic tattoo rage? Are you fine in putting your resources into microblading to improve your beauty routine or fix an imperfection? If you need a person to consult with your cosmetic tattoo needs, you might want to visit Rachael Bebe. I’m sure she can help you with your cosmetic tattoo needs.

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