Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Versus Doing it Yourself?

You can also ask the company if they will clean your carpet on a regular basis. Most carpet cleaning companies do, but it will depend on the type of carpet you have and how often you want it cleaned. Consumer Reports does not even give a rating on Carpet Cleaning Companies, but they did give their highest ratings to Carpet Specialists. Carpet Specialists is an excellent business, if you want professional service. Find out vtmobilecarpetcleaning.com

Effective Carpet Cleaning

The only complaint they have against this company is the price. This company has two employees; one for every 100 square feet of carpet. Customer complaints are that they can do a good job for a fair price, but when it comes time to clean carpets, they can’t keep up with the customer’s demand. There was one case where the carpet cleaning left stains on the carpet for months. It seemed like it took forever. Another customer claimed that his carpet was cleaned so well that he could not even see the stains in the carpet. This customer was extremely unhappy with the carpet cleaning, but was happy with the way the company cleaned his carpets.

Another complaint against the company is that they do not have a good return policy and do not offer customer satisfaction surveys. Customer complaints are common, but if you check out the company’s references, you will most likely be disappointed with the outcome.

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