Which Type Of Cosmetic Tattoo Should I Get


You’ve recently rolled out of bed. Your blowout is still there. You get a bottle of Soylent, toss on yesterday’s jeans, and escape the house in less than three minutes. It is possible that you’re living in 2069 and have bought a Jaclyn Hill x Google in-home cosmetics artist…or you have a face loaded with semipermanent cosmetic tattoos. 

Aside from a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo, there are other forms of cosmetic tattoos and they are found below:

cosmetic tattoo

Permanent Eyeshadow 

Some cosmetic tattoo specialists offer permanent eyeshadow, where the eyelid is inked with a solitary color. It’s anything but a mainstream popular cosmetics decision, and I haven’t seen any instances of perpetual eyeshadow that looked current or worthwhile. 

While I could envision a light taupe in a powder effect applied simply over the crease perhaps looking decent, even gifted permanent cosmetics masters would struggle to get the mixed effect genuine cosmetics has. 


Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing strategy where a blade is utilized to make very thin, hair-like strokes that radiate the presence of Insta-worthy, filled-in eyebrows. The needles scratch your skin and deposit pigment into the minuscule wounds, which, indeed, sounds painful AF, yet shockingly isn’t. That is on the grounds that most experts apply a numbing cream in advance, which brings the agony down a few pegs. TBH, it sort of wants to get your eyebrows threaded while on your period. Not overly agreeable, but rather absolutely manageable. 

Consider this: Microblading unquestionably doesn’t keep going forever (hence the semi-permanent thing). Since the cuts aren’t as profoundly imbued as a genuine tattoo, your body winds up metabolizing it (which means, it’ll begin to fade naturally). That implies you can either let your permanent cosmetics fade, or on the off chance that you need to keep your eyebrows looking astonishing long-term, you can return every year for a touch-up. 

Overall, microblading lasts somewhere in the range of one to two years. At the point when I completed mine, I returned a month later for a check-in to perceive how everything was healing, and for a snappy touch-up. To keep them fit as a fiddle, you’ll likewise need to try not to get your eyebrows wet for one week post-application. 

The Rotary Or Pen Machine Cosmetic Tattoo 

The Rotary Tattoo Machine is controlled by regulated “rotary” motors (as opposed to electromagnetic coils) that quickly move the ink needle up and down. Helpful for shading, and stippling, this strategy is utilized least to tattoo eyebrows, however, is notable for other facial features. 

Lip Blushing 

Lip tattoos may infer the picture of an extravagant grande woman with permanent lip liner who never appears to really fill in her lips. Yet, the strategy has been refined to its present form, known as lip blushing or lip tinting. The tattoo is a straightforward wash of sheer color over the whole lip. Experts work with their customers’ natural lip shade to add a marginally deeper layer of pigment. The completed outcome should look like a just-bitten, blurred lip — the sort of unpretentious color that seems as though you’ve recently delighted in a makeout session. 

Experts describe lip blushing as a more intense process contrasted with other permanent cosmetics tattoos. “Since the skin on the lips doesn’t hold pigment as well as the remainder of the skin, a few customers require a few touch-ups. 


In case you’re worn out on spending a large portion of your check on items that you feel meh about and you need a genuine “I woke up this way” look, permanent cosmetics is certainly the move. In any case, before you book an appointment, make certain to do your research and select a master that has training, experience, and licensing in whatever region you pick. All things considered, it is your face.


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