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A Guide On Choosing Your Wedding Date

There are many reasons an engaged couple picks a specific date for their wedding event. They might think about the time of year, the season they prefer and zero in on a date. When they have actually discovered the location, they may find their selected date is not readily available and accept another. It assists to be flexible with that. But sometimes one’s heart is set on a specific date, for any number of reasons.

The numbers themselves can be fascinating. There are those ‘fortunate number’ dates.

The Lucky wedding date refers to a favorable day for a set of unmarried men and women to hold the wedding. You will delight in a happy and unified marriage if you hold the wedding event on such a day. Of course, this kind of induction force is invisible, just like the magnetic induction line which can be observed by using the fine iron filings although undetectable. 

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Event Date?

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Double Spring And Leap Month

The year with Double Spring or Leap Month is auspicious for a wedding event. If the year has both Double Spring and Leap Month, it will be even better!

Double Spring means the year has two Start of Spring 立春, among the 24 solar terms at the beginning and the end of that year respectively. Spring represents the start of a year and the brand-new life and is regarded as a great time for the wedding.

Leap Month describes the year as a leap month and a total of 13 months. With the significance of moisture and harvest, the Leap Month is a symbol of connubial love and harmony of the couple.

Blind Year

It describes the year without the Beginning of Spring. Generally, the year of Double Spring is followed by the Blind Year. Of course, the Blind Year also has auspicious dates and it doesn’t matter to get wed in a Blind Year. 2021, 2024 and 2027 are Blind Years.

Prevent The Birthday Of Bride, Groom And Relatives

While picking the wedding date, you need to avoid the birthday of the bride, groom, moms and dads and unmarried brother or sibling. If the moms and dads have actually passed away, you need to prevent their birthday and death day.

Wedding Events In Conflict Or Wedding Event Conflict With Funeral Service

A household must avoid 2 weddings in one year. If the direct relative passed away in the year, it will be inauspicious to hold a wedding.

Genuine Wedding Date

You’d much better pick the advantageous dates for both if you select to hold the wedding event and register on different days. 

If you can select only one date, nevertheless, the day you hold the traditional rules, such as welcoming the bride and wedding party, will be considered as the genuine wedding date and you ought to choose an auspicious date for it, since this is the genuine wedding event date in Chinese custom.

Avoid the Month Or Day In Conflict With Zodiac Sign

In the Chinese zodiac, Rat and Horse, Ox and Sheep, Tiger and Monkey, Bunny and Rooster, Dragon and Dog, Snake and Pig are the animal signs in conflict with each other. For example, you should avoid the Horse month or day if you are under the Rat indication.

Do you think you’re ready to pick your wedding event date? If not, you might consider number 18 as your lucky number. Why? See here



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