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Many teenagers play online games with friends as part of out-of-person friendships, too. However, many teenagers also play other people they don’t necessarily know in real life, such as strangers or people that are not particularly friends. For example, if a teenager is really good at Mario games and he or she wants to play some with his or her best friend, that’s perfectly acceptable. On the other hand, there are times when online friendships turn into online sexual relationships.


The most common example of this is with “online friendship” games like Sims 4 Multiplayer. In these games – which include the dating simulation game – a player can create a profile that describes his or her own personality. Then, when other players – usually those who have the same teenage characteristics as the player – select the “chat” button, it’s possible to make friends with them. The catch, however, is that these players are not actually friends with one another in the traditional sense. They only click “chat” when they want to talk to each other; and that, as far as the social norms are concerned, means that they’re merely talking with each other within the game itself.

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Many teenagers who start playing online games as a way to interact with others might eventually decide to try some of the adult-oriented ones. This may not be a problem for those who are interested in forming lasting relationships. Teenagers who play online games, especially ones that allow them to interact with other players, tend to develop a more social attitude, too. This may help them feel less alone and develop a better sense of who they are as a person.

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