Facts About Male Stripper That Will Make You Think Twice

  In the world of entertainment, there are many actors deserving praise for their acting skills and the roles they portray. However, due to an actor’s job description, not all of them can be celebrities in the public eye. Male strippers for hire Melbourne is a profession where only the best will do.

This explains why most men who have made a name in this line of work have maintained their fame to date. If you thought that being a male stripper was just about taking off your clothes in front of a live audience and getting paid for it, think again.

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Here are 8 facts about male strippers that might change your mind:

1) The pay isn’t as great as you would expect

The best male strippers in the world can make anywhere from $30,000 to an impressive $100,000 a year. The lack of security and benefits means that this is not a steady income. In the event that you get injured or grow too old for the attention, you are out of work with no other options for survival. There is also no retirement plan when your entire career depends on looking good naked!

Money aside, many celebrities have tried their hand at stripping but couldn’t handle criticism and eventually quit before they rose to fame. By comparison, female strippers earn about $50,000 a year which is way better than what most people do.

2) Like it or not, have body image problems too

Some male strippers used to be body builders and fitness models. As such, they know exactly what it takes to get in shape and maintain their bodies; hours of working out at the gym while watching their diets carefully. The attention to detail that goes into creating a great body is not lost on these men deep down even if they look like other people’s fantasies.

Despite the physical requirement for the job, many male strippers suffer from low self-esteem which can lead to serious problems including drug abuse and depression.

3) They don’t just take off clothes for money!

Male strippers are paid to dance. Some take their clothes off while dancing but most don’t. However, there are some who dance perfectly well without even having to remove clothes which means they know how to move and thrill an audience with little or no distractions!

However, when you do see them taking off their clothes, remember that it’s not all about the money for these professionals; they just want attention too! The pay is just a bonus in case you’re wondering why they bother stripping down in the first place. If you were wondering what male strip clubs look like , here’s your answer:

4) Cheesy pick-up lines work too…

Male strippers need to do more than just take off their clothes to get the attention of women. The line, “Hey baby! Let me get myself in there” may work on some women but are bound to fall flat for others. However, it’s not about the cheesy pick-up lines because you can’t really expect a man who knows how to make money by taking his clothes off to be good with words, right?

More often than not, male strippers use humor and wit when trying to impress women while they’re still clothed! This is why some men try stripping once or twice before they give up because it takes more than just having a great body. You need personality too…and being witty helps too!

5) And who says they are bad dancers?

If you didn’t know, male strippers are hired at bachelor parties to entertain groups of men. This means that women aren’t always present which is why most bachelors don’t have anyone to compare their entertainment skills with other male strippers.

To be honest, many women have no idea just how good some famous male strippers are until they’re on stage other than what they see in movies and the media. Male strip clubs only hire the best dancers therefore you won’t find duds on stage unless it’s amateur night where guys can try it out for free. Regardless, a real male stripper knows how to keep an audience on their toes and that’s why the club never fails to ask them back!

You know how men say it’s hard for them to remember all those body measurements chicks ask about? Well it’s even harder for a man who is paid to strip off his clothes in public and make women scream with desire because he has no shame cheating on you! In fact, since most of these guys have been with thousands of women before you, they probably have excellent memory skills when it comes to keeping.


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