Ways To Buy A Handmade Sitting Buddha

In this article, you will learn the basics of where to buy a sitting Buddha from. The following is a list of resources and their specific benefits:

Handmade Buddhas or what we considered as LOCALS: 

If you live in an area where there are handmade Buddhist shops nearby, buying your sitting Buddha from them is the best idea. 

This allows you to inspect and touch the objects before purchasing them – which makes it easier to find high-quality items that fit in with your unique style and decorating preferences. 

You can also ask questions and request any customizations or changes in size in person – something that’s impossible online!

buddha figurine

The benefit cited above is one example of why buying local – from handmade Buddhist shops is better than purchasing online or the commercial stores. If you buy your sitting Buddha online, you cannot inspect it before purchasing and may end up with a poor quality object that does not fit in with the rest of your décor.

Online Stores or WEBSITE: 

An alternative to buying from handmade Buddhist shops is using an online store or commercial stores. These are generally great because they offer cheaper prices mainly due to low business costs, and a wide variety of products – most of which are customizable. 

For example, some commercial stores allow you to choose the material used for your sitting Buddha as well as its size, so long as it can be done without excessively inflating the price. 

This is awesome if you have specific preferences or unique needs that aren’t offered at local handmade Buddhist shops. One downside, however, is that you cannot inspect the product before buying it. 

This may mean waiting for a confirmation email with a photo or shipping confirmation to make sure your object is acceptable – which can be a hassle and on a personal level, affect your patience/stress levels

Commercial Stores or the STANDARD: 

The downside of commercial stores or what we called as online and traditional is that they offer few customization options. Many online stores only allow you to choose between two different materials: silk brocade or velvet. 

Moreover, most commercial stores have a set price on their sitting Buddhas so there’s no leeway if the figure isn’t in line with your budget – which makes it challenging to pick one out at times. 

You must carefully evaluate what each store offers and if it is the best choice for your needs. This takes time, effort and patience – which can be draining in itself.

Although there are both pros and cons to each resource type, buying from handmade Buddhist shops is ultimately the best option here. This is because you get hands-on access to all products before purchasing them, which makes it easier to find something that fits in with your unique preferences – taste and budget specifically. 

This allows you to inspect your sitting Buddha and gives you assurance and relief. Moreover, this also allows you to ask questions about specific customizations or changes in size without a problem because online stores typically have their customization options limited. 

Buying online isn’t bad either but it’s harder or even impossible to pick out objects if you don’t know what you’re looking for – this includes customizable ones. Aside from that, their prices aren’t flexible which makes it difficult to buy a sitting Buddha sometimes. 

Thus, you need to check out handmade Buddhist shops first instead of other resource types. This is because it’s easier and more convenient than other resource types due to its increased access points for questions and customization options, which reduces the chances of buying a poor quality sitting Buddha – which will reflect poorly on your home décor.

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