Things You Need To Know About Adjustable Medical Bed

Medical beds provide the best in comfort and support for patients while healing, especially if they are required to spend long hours on the bed. Many types of medical beds serve different purposes including adjustable beds, waterbeds, resuscitation beds, special application bedding systems, stretchers and treatment tables.

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This article will focus specifically on adjustable beds. A medical adjustable bed has motorized components that allow it to be adjusted in several ways including electric head elevation, leg elevation and tilt (head-foot direction). It can also have a variety of other features such as zero gravity position or heat/massage options. All these adjustability features help with patient care by helping doctors monitor vital signs, ease a patient’s discomfort and help them to heal faster.

What is an adjustable medical bed?

An adjustable medical bed is a bed with the ability to be adjusted electronically by a therapist or caregiver from either the controls near the bed or from a remote control device. The mattress can be easily raised or lowered as required by the patient, it may also tilt for those who suffer from acid reflux. In addition, many models now come with pre-programmed settings which allow you to adjust your position without having to lift a finger.

Not only this but they are much easier to clean than standard beds, simply wipe down! It has been estimated that these kinds of beds shave minutes off recovery times and increase blood flow both of which are vital for speedy recoveries.

Adjustable beds are often used in medical care facilities such as nursing homes, physical therapy clinics and rehabilitation centres. They also tend to be popular choices at home due to the fact they can be adjusted by the patient with little or no assistance, unlike manually adjustable beds which require another person to adjust them.

Why use an adjustable bed?

One of the first things that doctors will do when prescribing a course of treatment is monitored their patient’s heart rate and blood pressure regularly. By using an electronic medicine bed however doctors suddenly have access to more information including what position the patient is resting in, whether or not they are restless or uncomfortable and if they need any further assistance during the night.

Standard hospital beds record a patients heart rate and blood pressure but they can’t monitor position, sleep patterns or even call for assistance when required.

What features should I look out for in an adjustable bed?

As this type of bed is favoured by many people recovering from illness or injury there are several features that you may want to consider before making the purchase. If you have limited mobility then you will want to choose an adjustable bed with some kind of remote control function which allows you to adjust the height, tilt and sometimes even pre-programmed massage strokes without leaving your chair.

For those who like to watch TV before sleeping then having one that tilts up slightly will help keep your neck in line with yours while still allowing you to keep your favourite shows close by. Reading before bed is also popular so you may want to consider one with a motorised side which can hold your book or magazine so that both hands are free for the page-turning!

Who should buy adjustable beds?

Anyone who finds themselves suffering from an illness, injury or long-term condition which means they spend longer than usual resting in bed would benefit from using an electric adjustable bed. Many people also like to use these types of beds simply because it allows them to rest comfortably without having to move too much, giving their body time to heal itself.

For those recovering from surgery, this can mean less pain and more sleep which will speed up the natural healing process. If you care for someone who is sick or injured at home then adjustable beds also make a great addition to any home care package as it means you can easily monitor and adjust their position without having to disturb or move them.

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